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Wave Review

A free accounting software built with small business in mind with pay-per-use payment processing
Best for: small business owners looking to simplify accounting tasks
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Starting Price: Free

Why Wave?

Unlimited income and expense tracking
Connect bank and credit card details
Create estimates and generate invoices
Reporting on Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Invoices & more

What is Wave?

Wave is a 100% web-based free accounting tool built to give small businesses the tools they need to quickly and efficiently keep track of invoices, payroll, expenses and more all in one place.

There’s no setup fee or hidden charges, simply sign up and start using Wave and you’ll get access to a wide variety of features that many accounting software make you pay for.

This includes unlimited income and expenses tracking, the ability to collaborate with your accountant or other team members, payroll services and the ability to track sales tax.

Watch a short video to see a quick view of what the Wave app is like:

With built-in reporting you’ll be able to get a glance of various different metrics including your Profit and Loss calculations, current Cash Flow, as well as which invoices are overdue and need chasing.

Wave also lets you create estimates or quotes and will turn them into invoices for you when they’ve been approved helping save you time in the process.

The only feature that you have to pay for if you need it is the processing of credit card payments, which is on a pay-per-use basis and will get the money into your account within 7 days.

Wave is an-all round online accounting software that appeals to freelancers, startups and small business owners looking to keep track of finances on a budget.

Created by: Wave
Located in: Canada

Wave Features

Wave Pricing Overview

Wave is a free accounting software that comes packed with financial tracking features all at no cost. The only pricing is for online payment transactions and credit card processing on a pay-per-use basis.

  • European Cards - 1.4% + 20p
  • Non-European Cards - 2.9% + 20p

There's no extra fees and money is transferred to your account within 7 days.

Starting Price: Free
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