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About TuffYeti

TuffYeti was grown out of a need to learn how to create a better online business. How to streamline processes, pick the right tools for the job that will save time and money so you can get on with the better things in life.

Our mission: to provide you with insights in to the tools and software you need to help build, take care of and grow your small business.

Whether you’re starting a side hustle, a freelancer, running a startup, small business or non profit, here at TuffYeti our goal is to bring you the information you need to make a more informed decision before you purchase.

We offer software comparison lists, comprehensive resources, articles and guides to help you kick start your business online, helping it grow and succeed as well as help you become a better business person.

Running a business is tough, especially if you’re a one person band, or running a small business with employees in which you might need to play many different roles.

We face new challenges every day but the only way to succeed is to learn and find better ways to optimise your workflow, save yourself time and let the right tools and software do the job for you.

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Free Resources for Everyone

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for new software to video conference your clients or your a big corporation looking for the best collaboration tools, we aim to provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

And we do that free of charge, there’s no articles hidden behind paywalls, we don’t ask you to fill out annoying surveys to continue reading, every article on TuffYeti.com is free of charge to read and learn from.

In order to keep it free, when you purchase some of the products that we promote we may receive a small commission in return.

This doesn’t increase the price you pay it’s how we keep the lights on, and how you can help support TuffYeti so we can continue to keep providing you with new and useful resources.

A few of our popular articles:

Who we are

We are a team of small business owners and entrepreneurs with over 16 years experience between us running a small online business with a selection of websites in a variety of different industries.

We’ve used and tested many different software and website tools over the years trying to streamline our own processes and are now looking to give back our knowledge along with other experts so you can succeed too.

But just cause you have the best software out there doesn’t mean you’ll be successful, it takes time, energy, determination, and a little bit of money to be able to boost your knowledge and revenue.

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If you like what we do and want to get in touch then feel free to contact us at hello(at)tuffyeti(dot)com and we’ll try and get back to you as quick as we can.

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