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SEO Tools & Software

With the right search engine optimization strategy, you’ll be able to get your online business to rank higher in search engines, letting you gain more traffic to your website and increase sales. Compare SEO Tools that can help with Keyword Research, SEO Audits, Competitor Research, and Link Building to find better opportunities to rank your business no matter the size.

Price Plans
Compare SEO Software ()
An all-in-one SEO tool suite that helps businesses and marketers get the most out of their online websites & content
Ahrefs Review
Starting price: $82 /month (billed annually)
An AI Writer that lets you research and create SEO optimized content with a few clicks of a button
Frase Review
Starting price: $16.99/month (paid annually)
An online tool to help discover and analyse linking opportunities across the web for SEO
Majestic Review
Starting price: $49.99 /month (£39.99 /month)
An all-in one suite of SEO tools created to help SEO professionals and website owners get the most out their websites with measurable results
Moz Pro Review
Starting price: $99 /month or $79 /month when paid annually
An all-in-one SEO research tool that helps keep track of your websites rankings in SERPs
Ranktracker Review
Starting price: $18/month
An online SEO tool that can help you get results from your website and content marketing
Semrush Review
Starting price: $99.95/month (paid annually)
An search engine marketing tool that helps you track competitors, increase website traffic and track your keyword rankings
SpyFu Review
Starting price: $33 /month (billed annually)
A SEO Content Optimization tool that uses A.I. to help rank your content higher in SERPs
Surfer Review
Starting price: $49 /month (paid annually)
An online SEO tool that can help identify new keyword and backlink opportunities, compare competitors and help resolve SEO issues
Ubersuggest Review
Starting price: £$29/month or £$290 Lifetime Deal
Prices are updated regularly. However, make sure you check out the websites for the latest pricing, offers and deals.

What is SEO software

In simple terms, SEO software is a tool used by content marketers and search engine optimization professionals to help analyze how websites perform in search engines. SEO tools like rank trackers, website audits, backlink checkers, and keyword finders can help find new ways to rank and new opportunities to outperform the competition. This, in turn, can help drive more organic traffic to your websites, helping to increase sales and conversions.

Who uses SEO software?

Search engine optimization tools come in many forms, which means a large scope of people can use them to perform different tasks. Predominantly SEO experts and agencies are some of the biggest consumers of SEO tools as the cost to use them can be pretty high.

Individuals, freelancers, and small businesses who have an online presence will need to use SEO optimization techniques to expand their visibility to search engines. Not all SEO software needs to be paid for, with many having free SEO tools available but are often limited in the features they offer.

If you’re doing any form of content marketing or content creation online, whether that’s blog articles, YouTube videos, or social media posts, it benefits from using SEO platforms to improve your results,

Small and larger businesses often have positions for search engine optimization specialists within the company dedicated to analyzing and implementing various forms of on-page, off-page and technical SEO to increase performance in SERPs.

If you’re looking to increase your business or website’s online presence locally or globally, these systems can help with that.

What are the benefits of SEO software?

One of the main advantages of using online SEO tools is that they can help increase your visibility in search engines and increase the likeliness of getting clicks through to your website.

However, there are many different ways SEO can help your business:

  • Increase organic discovery – it can be used organically, without any advertising or marketing, to drive more traffic to your website through the use of the right keywords, backlinks, and more.
  • Increases reputation – the higher up in search engines you appear, the more reputable your website is perceived, rank on the first page to gain more credibility
  • Improves user experience – creating high-quality, targeted content will improve the experiences visitors to your website have. This leads to decreased bounce rate and more time spent on your site. Website usability is considered a ranking factor.
  • Increase brand awareness – SEO marketing can help get your brand in front of more people in search engines
  • Works well with PPC – paid advertising and SEO can work together to get your site to the top of search results, increasing the chance of someone to click through to your website
  • Long term marketing – SEO isn’t a do it and forget about it marketing strategy, it takes time to execute and have an impact, but continuous use can pay off greatly in the long term
  • SEO works when you’re not working – search engines are live 24/7, which means so are your daily SEO efforts. It helps drive traffic even when you’re not working, making it an efficient strategy for many online small businesses.
  • High ROI – compared with other types of digital marketing, SEO benefits from high returns, especially if you manage to rank on page 1 of popular search engines.

Types of SEO software features

The term SEO encompasses many different features. You can pick to target them all for a comprehensive SEO strategy or target just a few to maximize your efforts in those areas.

  • SEO Audit Tools – these are used to analyze your website’s health. It can tell you if you’ve got broken internal links, meta titles, and meta descriptions missing, too long or too short, and check the structured data on your website. It can check security issues with your SSL certificates and website architecture, ensuring it’s all in working order.
  • Keyword Research Tools – these help you find new keyword opportunities to help you expand the number of terms that you can show up for in search engines.
  • Competitor Research Tools – these help you find out what your competitors are doing, what content ranks, what keywords they use, and what backlinks they have to their websites so you can try and outperform them.
  • SERP Rank Tracker Tools – keep an eye on where your website ranks in search engines for specific terms so you can try and target them better.
  • Backlink Tools – find new backlink opportunities to help boost your backlinking strategy or identify spammy links that could be hurting your SEO efforts.
  • Content Ideas – many SEO software tools provide insights and ideas into content that could be beneficial to create based on the current rankings of terms.

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