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Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management tools can help you publish, manage, and automate your social media posts across multiple social media accounts, saving you time and resources. Compare social media management software for business and find the right one that fits your small business needs.

Price Plans
Compare Social Media Management Software ()
A social media management platform that lets you manage, analyze and collaborate on social media campaigns
Buffer Review
Starting price: Free
A social media management tool that helps manage multiple social media channels from one account
Hootsuite Review
Starting price: from £39 /month
A social media management tool with built-in automations so you never run out of content to post
MeetEdgar Review
Starting price: from $24.91 /month (billed annually)
An online social media tool that lets you connect, manage, and curate your social media posts across multiple social media channels
SocialPilot Review
Starting price: From £33.15 ($42.50) /month (billed annually)
A social media business solution that helps you grow and scale your social media engagement
Sprout Social Review
Starting price: $89 /user/month (billed annually)
Social media management software that lets you schedule, analyze and collaborate on your social media posts
Zoho Social Review
Starting price: £8 /month (billed annually)
Prices are updated regularly. However, make sure you check out the websites for the latest pricing, offers and deals.

What is social media management software?

Social media management tools help you manage your social media channels online, providing extra functionality that can save you time, automate tasks and help you reach a wider audience for your business. Using as part of a social media marketing strategy can help increase your brand awareness and reputation and drive traffic to your website by promoting your products or services.

Who uses social media management tools?

Content marketers, social media managers, marketers, influencers, and small businesses across all industries and genres can leverage social media to help promote their business, products, and services online.

Instead of using multiple social media accounts, business social media tools integrate all of them into one easy-to-access account that can let you plan, create, and schedule your social posts across all of your channels.

If you’re leveraging social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram in your online marketing strategy, this type of digital marketing software can help.

Social media management software features

Different social media software tools offer different features you can use to help save you time and manage your social accounts. Some of these include:

  • Multi-Channel publishing – create social media content across multiple platforms from one account. This helps you create once use multiple times saving you time not only from creating your posts but also from hopping between accounts.
  • Automate your social media – whether its repeat posting of your social media posts, or posting evergreen content when your calendar is empty, this can help save time and keep engagement levels high.
  • Test social media posts – you can use A/B testing to see which posts get the most engagement helping structure your future posts.
  • Post scheduling – schedule your posts to go when you want to, this can help with engagement rates and driving traffic by posting when your audience is online.
  • Analytics and reporting – monitor your clicks and engagement of your social audience all from one account and identify areas of your marketing that need to change
  • Social content calendars – take control of your post management strategy, choose when to post and what to post now and in the future.
  • Social interactions – interact with and respond with your followers across all your channels from one account. A great customer service tool.
  • Link shorteners – built-in link shorteners or third party apps help shorten your links to be displayed and can aid with click tracking.

Benefits of social media marketing tools

One of the main benefits of using social media management software is saving you or your team lots of time. It’s a huge time-saver if you manage multiple social media channels as you can access and monitor them all from just one account, with no need to switch websites.

However, time-saving isn’t the only reason they can be considered a useful marketing tool for small businesses:

  • Increased brand awareness – through repeat posting and automating your social media posts. You can always be sure you have content posted and in front of your audience at all times. This increases the likeliness that new customers or followers will see your brand.
  • Increased traffic – through testing and scheduling posts at the right time, you’ll be able to determine the best types of posts to create for increased engagement and drive traffic to your website.
  • Increased reputation – many the social media management platforms let you interact with your existing and new customers in real-time. Doing this can create a loyal community of people and help increase your businesses reputation through better customer service

There are many ways this type of online business tool can help your digital marketing gain traction.

Here at TuffYeti.com, we provide you with the best social media tools for business so you can compare which ones are right for you and offer you social media marketing tips and resources to help you build your business.

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