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Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Your Small Business

Updated May 17, 2022

Hiring a freelancer can help you grow your business quickly. Freelancers often do the work that you don’t know how or want to do, giving you access to a wealth of different skills on demand, saving you time in the process.

For a startup or small business, this can be a major advantage over hiring employees, as it keeps costs low and gives you the flexibility to respond to changes or new project requirements quickly.

Websites To Hire Freelancers Online

There are many websites to hire freelancers online, some of the best being Upwork, Fiverr, Guru.com, and Codeable. Whether you’re looking to hire a web developer or programming expert, marketing professionals, writers for your website, accounting assistance, or other online help, these professional freelancer sites are a good start.

These freelance services sites often let you post jobs, browse through projects, and talk with your prospective freelancer before you decide to hire them. Hourly rates, project costs, and estimates are given, so you know ahead of time how much hiring your on-demand freelance talent will affect your budgets.

7 Sites to find freelancers online

1. Upwork – covers every kind of freelance work

Upwork offers a huge variety of skills to hire on a per-project or per hour basis. Trusted by big companies like Microsoft and GoDaddy, Upwork lets you post a specific job in the talent marketplace, narrowing down the type of work and price you’re willing to pay.

Upwork Website

You can look at their project catalog if you’re after a common job like logo design or even responsive web design, which will give you a good understanding of what’s available and the starting prices that some freelancers charge.

It might take some time to find what you need, but with a 4.9/5 client rating, Upwork prides itself on delivering a professional service.

Visit Upwork

2. Guru – 99% satisfaction rate

An American-based company, Guru, is another freelance hiring website that gives you a vast talent pool to dive into. You’ll be able to find verified professional freelancers in a variety of work from programming and development, legal, writing, marketing, translation, and more.

Guru Website

How Guru works:

You can then pick which one fits your needs and budget and hire them to complete the work.

A good option if you’re after a specific project to be completed.

Visit Guru

3. Fiverr – cheap and fast

A freelance services marketplace, Fiverr offers a wide range of project types to pick from and skillsets with no-hourly rates, just project pricing. This means you’ll always know how much a project will cost you, no matter how long it takes.

Fiverr Website

You’ll have to pay upfront, with your payment not being released to the freelancer you’ve hired until you approve the work that they’ve done.

Fiverr’s scope of freelance work ranges from your more standard online digital marketing and web design/development to more lifestyle type work, including creating life coaching and tarot card readings.

For small businesses, they have a good range of different types of content writers and professional virtual assistants to pick from.

Their prices are reasonable, too, with a price range to meet nearly every small business budget.

Visit Fiverr

4. Codeable – hire a professional WordPress developer

If you’re running a business website on the WordPress CMS platform and need some custom coding, specific plugins, database optimizations, or general fixes, then Codeable is for you.

Codeable Website

With a freelance website that only has vetted WordPress experts on the books, you’ll be able to get connected with one of their developers within a day of posting your project.

Depending on the complexity, urgency, and scope of your project will determine the types of pricing you find, but with estimates for your quotes being based on an average price of who responds, it ensures you get the best person for the job.

With hourly rates at around $70 – $120 plus a 17.5% fixed fee, it might not be the cheapest, but you know that you’re getting a professional WordPress developer who knows what they are doing.

Just note, much like Fiverr, you’ll have to pay upfront, but your payment doesn’t get released to the person you hire until you are satisfied with the job.

Visit Codeable

5. PeoplePerHour – over 3 million freelancers to choose from

Another place to hire freelancers online is PeoplePerHour. Like UpWork and Guru, they offer a wide variety of freelance talent.

PeoplePerHour Website

Top categories include: Content Writing, SEO, Voice Over Artists, Illustration and Logo Design. They also offer more business-orientated freelance services like tax consulting, legal advice, and administrative assistants.

Search for freelancers by area, price, and delivery time to see a set of eager freelancers waiting to do the work you need. A simple system that can help you find cheap but quality work.

Visit PeoplePerHour

6. Freelancer – over 1800 different types of work on offer

Freelancer offer a quick way to get your ideas off paper and into production. Whether you’re looking for a content writer to write articles for your website, packaging design for your products, or some data entry clerks, you’ll be able to find them here.

Freelancer Website

Post a project for free with as much detail as possible and let the bidding war begin. Freelancers will then bid on your project, providing you with quotes on how much it will cost to complete.

You can then pick from the best ones and review the freelancers’ previous work, ratings and reviews before accepting them.

During your project, you’ll be able to track how your freelancer is getting on with the time tracking mobile app.

Visit Freelancer

7. Dribbble – a creative hub of talent

At some point during your small business venture, you’ll need to have something designed. Whether that’s a logo, product packaging, leaflets, UX design, or illustrations, Dribbble lets you access a pool of creative talent to do just that.

dribbble Website

You won’t find web developers or content writers here, only graphic designers looking to show off their work and find projects to get hired on.

You can post freelance projects for free, listing your design brief and price range and seeing which designers are willing to take on your job. It’s not as quick as some other freelance websites to get quotes on but has a wider variety of design freelancers.

Visit Dribble

Is hiring a freelancer best for your business?

We’ve gone through some of the best websites to find freelancers online, and as you can see, there are lots to choose from. When you take a deeper look, you’ll find a huge variety of skills you probably didn’t even know existed, let alone needed.

Much like hiring anyone to work for your business, though, it’s always a good idea to read reviews of who you’re hiring, check out some of their past work, and see if they are up to the challenge(s) you throw at them.

Hiring a freelancer might be as simple as posting a job and accepting a quote, but remember, cheap work can sometimes conclude in inferior results. That’s not to say paying top dollar for a freelancer will bring you the highest quality work.

Be vigilant, vet your new hires, and who knows, you might find a whole network of great assets that will help your small business grow online.

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