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Starting Price: from $14/month
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Fathom Review

An affordable and easy-to-use website analytics platform that puts privacy first and lets you own 100% of your data
Best for: Large and small businesses, website owners,
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Starting Price: from $14/month

Why Fathom?

Simple and easy to use with a single on-page analytics dashboard
100% data ownership and no time limits on data retention
Filtering system makes it easy to find data based on various metrics
Website up time monitoring built-in to each plan

What is Fathom?

Fathom is a simple yet powerful single-page web analytics tool that’s easy to use, gives you 100% ownership of your data, and has no limits on how long to store your data. Using a cookieless system to track visitors, there’s no need to show a cookie banner. You get uptime monitoring built-in which handily lets you know when your site is down, something many other analytics tools don’t come with.

Fathom Analytics Dashboard Example

When using Fathom analytics, you can add up to 50 sites to see data for, or if you need more, ask, and you’ll be able to work out a deal. Bear in mind, though, that the monthly page views take into consideration all the sites you add.

So, for example, if you have three sites, site one does 50,000 page views, site two does 30,000 page views, and site three does 45,000 page views, that’s a total of 125,000 page views, so you’ll want their medium-size plan up to 200,000 monthly page views.

What’s great with fathom is you can quickly switch between each site you’ve added using the dropdown at the top of your dashboard, and the metrics on your dashboard will instantly change to reflect the chosen site. You can also see an overview of your site’s top metrics like current users on site, page views, unique visitors, average time on site, and bounce rate to compare them side by side if you wish.

Search, Filter & Compare your Fathom Analytics Data

Fathom has made it easy for you to have a complete overview of your website’s data and let you drill down into specific details if you want.

You can choose the date range you want to see your data from handily enough or click on the chart to see a specific day’s data in more detail which will quickly change the entire dashboard to show the data for that day.

Other ways to get to your data are to use the search boxes located in some of the different metric windows to find specific pages or referrers, for example. Or you can click on any of the data points to filter your results by the referrer, page visited, device type, browser, country, and more.

So say you click on the referrer DuckDuckGo you’ll then be able to see what pages people who came from DuckDuckGo are looking at, what countries they came from, bounce rate, the number of visitors, etc.

It’s a simple system that doesn’t take long to get used to and find the data you’re looking for.

You can also toggle between exact numbers and percentages to determine how much your visitor numbers have increased or decreased for your given data range against the previous one.


Regarding pricing, Fathom analytics has made this pretty simple too. There are five tiers to choose from, starting at $14/month for up to 100,000 page views to $74/month for up to 2,000,000 page views. Each plan changes based on the number of page views, and you get the same features in all plans, including ad-blocker bypassing, up-time monitors, unlimited email reports, and forever data retention.

You can also get a 7-day free trial to test it out.

If you want to find out more, watch the short video, where co-founder Paul Jarvis walks you through how to use Fathom analytics and many of its features.

Created by: Conva Ventures Inc
Located in: Canada

Fathom Features

Fathom Pricing Overview

Fathom offer a 7 day free trial after which you'll get to pick from 5 different price plans where the only difference between them is the number of monthly page views.

  • $14/month - up to 100,000 monthly page views
  • $24/month - up to 200,000 monthly page views
  • $44/month - up to 500,000 monthly page views
  • $54/month - up to 1,000,000 monthly page views
  • $74/month - up to 2,000,000 monthly page views

You can get two months free if you pay yearly.

Starting Price: from $14/month
Free Trial Available
No Free Version
Plan Types | annual | monthly
Please see the Fathom website for up to date pricing.
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