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GoSquared Analytics
Starting Price: from £9/month
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GoSquared Analytics Review

A simple, GDPR compliant web analytics tool that provides insights into how your visitors interact with your website
Best for: Small business, website owners & marketers looking for an intuitive analytics platform that's covers the basics and more
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Starting Price: from £9/month

Why GoSquared Analytics?

Real time analytics gives you the latest data metrics with ability to see historical data
Easy to set up & intuitive dashboard provides overview of all current metrics for given time period
Uses anonymised data by default helping keep you GDPR compliant & visitors data private
Email reporting and data export let you share your websites performance with those that need to know

What is GoSquared Analytics?

GoSquared Analytics offers a privacy-first approach to web analytics, providing real-time metrics about your website through an intuitive dashboard that’s easy to learn.

A Google Analytics alternative GoSquared simplifies the collection of your website visitor’s data, automatically anonymizing it to provide you with website metrics without compromising your visitors’ privacy.

Anonymizing the visitors’ data makes GoSquared Analytics fully GDPR compliant. You will still have to display a cookie banner as GoSquared still uses cookies for tracking purposes, which other web analytics alternatives like Fathom Analytics and Plausible don’t.

GoSquared Analytics Platform Example

GoSquared Analytics Dashboard & Metrics

The GoSquared analytics dashboard is a single-page software that provides an excellent overview of your website’s performance, whether unique views, real-time visitors, locations, languages, devices, or content your visitors are viewing. You can also see engagement factors like time per visit, bounce rate, and pageview per visit.

When you click on a data point, it’ll instantly change all of the metrics on the dashboard to reflect your choice. The same goes for changing the timeframe of the data you’re displaying. Being able to drill down makes it a powerful analytics tool, letting you filter your data as you go, diving as deep as you want into the performance of your website as you need.

GoSquared Analytics Integrations

If you’re after an analytics tool that helps you automate your workflows by integrating with other popular software you use in your business, then GoSquared Analytics could be for you.

It integrates with popular CMS like Drupal, Joomla, and Magento, with a GoSquared WordPress Plugin also available. If you’re running an online store with Shopify, you can integrate analytics to help get an overview of your store’s performance.

Connect to Twitter to get a live stream of Tweets in your dashboard or trigger workflows and integrate with your reporting in online tools like Zapier and Slack.

These are just a few integrations that GoSquared can help you automate your business processes.


GoSquared Analytics pricing is very competitive, starting from £9/month for up to 100,000 page views with their Starter plan.

The price tops out at around £99/month for 2.5 million page views with their top Scale plan. The only downside compared to others is that you’re limited by the number of page views and the number of ‘Projects’ or websites you can add, depending on the plan. With just 3 projects in the smallest plan, which for a small business with a portfolio of small websites might not be enough, especially as the next plan up only gives you 5 projects, but a much higher 500,000 page views limit.

Much like many other website analytics tools, you can get a 7-day free trial letting you test out all that GoSquared has to offer. That includes the many features that come with all the plans like unlimited data retention, event tracking, email reporting, unlimited team sharing, privacy controls, and being GDPR compliant.

Created by: GoSquared
Located in: London

GoSquared Analytics Features

GoSquared Analytics Pricing Overview

GoSquared Analytics offers a 7-day free trial of whichever plan you are thinking of purchasing.

  • Starter – £9/month – 100,000 page views + 3 projects
  • Standard – £24/month – 500,000 page views + 5 projects
  • Pro – £49/month – 1 million page views + 10 projects
  • Scale – £99/month – 2.5 million page views + 20 projects
Starting Price: from £9/month
Free Trial Available
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