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Starting Price: from $9/month
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Plausible Review

A simple web analytics tool that lets you see the data you want at a glance from an easy to use one-page dashboard
Best for: Small business, startups and website owners looking for a lightweight, easy to use analytics platform
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Starting Price: from $9/month

Why Plausible?

See essential insights into your website traffic at a glance via single page dashboard
Easily drill down & filter to see individual data points for a given data range
Unlimited data retention + you get 100% data ownership
Cookieless tracking & compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR regulations

What is Plausible?

Plausible is a lightweight analytics platform that’s open source, easy to use, and lets you see your website’s data at a glance. There are no time limits on data retention, you own 100% of your data, and there’s no steep learning curve, set it up, and away you go.

As an alternative to Google Analytics and other top web analytics platforms, Plausible is a competitor focusing on website owners looking for basic analytics. Analytics like the number of unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, visit duration, referral sources, pages viewed, countries, and devices.

You can add up to 50 websites to your portfolio, letting you quickly change between them to see how they perform. Just remember that the pageviews limits on their plans consider all your website pageviews added together.

Easily Filter your data using Plausible Analytics

Filtering your data to do a more in-depth analysis is also quite easy. You can select the date range, pick preselected ranges like realtime, today, last 7 days, and last 30 days, or set a custom range to suit your needs. When you do this, all the data on the page will change to reflect your choices.

Not only that, but each piece of data is clickable, this lets you click a piece of data, and the rest of the page changes once again to reflect your changes. There are also other tabs available within some areas for letting you pick between Top Pages, Entry Pages, and Exit Pages, for example.

You can keep drilling down by each new data point until you get to where you want, making Plausible Analytics considerably easy to use and a powerful system overall.

Goal conversions

One added feature that some other simple web analytics software tends to miss is goal tracking or event tracking. With Plausible, you’ll be able to set up unique goals to see what pages or links your visitors clicked on and track their progress. Great for new campaigns or testing out how well your site converts.


Plausible offers one of the longest free trials of analytics tools, giving you a 30-day free trial and access to all the features that the tool provides.

After that, you are limited to what price you need to pay based on the number of page views. Pricing starts at £9/month for up to 10,000 pageviews and goes up to £169/month for up to 10 million page views.

The price you pay doesn’t change what you get in terms of features. You’ll still be able to set up custom events, get unlimited data retention, add unlimited team members to your plan, plus set up email or slack reporting as necessary.

Plausible is an easy-to-use analytics tool that lets you find the data you need when you need it.

Created by: Plausible Analytics
Located in: Estonia

Plausible Features

Plausible Pricing Overview

Plausible comes with a 30-day unlimited free trial. After that, you can pick which price is best for you as each plan gives you all the same features but only differs based on monthly page views.

Pricing examples:

  • $9/month = 10,000 page views
  • £19/month = 100,000 page views
  • £29/month = 200,000 page views
  • £49/month = 500,000 page views
  • £69/month = 1,000,000 page views

If you choose yearly billing, you'll get 2 months free.

Starting Price: from $9/month
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