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Starting Price: from $23/month (£17/month)
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Matomo Review

A comprehensive open-source website analytics software that offers real-time metrics to analyze
Best for: Website owners, SEO professionals & marketers looking for a complete overview of their website traffic
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Starting Price: from $23/month (£17/month)

Why Matomo?

Get accurate real-time analytics of your websites visitors thanks to no data sampling
Customize to your needs with no data limits and over 250 settings
Set your privacy settings to make sure you are inline with privacy requirements
You own 100% of your website data

What is Matomo?

Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform that gives you 100% ownership of your website’s data and a customizable interface that lets you analyze the data you need, whether you’re a website owner, marketer, or SEO expert. You can use it to track websites and mobile apps or find out how your staff uses internal systems to identify ways to improve productivity, processes, and user engagement.

A complete web analytics platform

Whether you’re looking to get a basic understanding of your website visitors or keep track of everything from campaigns to events and clicks, Matomo lets you do that and more.

With unbiased search engine reporting, you’ll be able to remove the often frustrating “keyword not defined” you find in Google Analytics reports. Doing this will help you find all the keywords driving traffic to your website, helping your keyword research and SEO strategy.

With the right setting, you can let Matomo track everything about your visitors, or you can choose to limit what data it captures about your visitors to comply with GDPR and other regulations. You can set up privacy options to make sure you’re always compliant as needed.

Other top features that don’t come as standard across many other website analytic tools are those to help optimize conversions. Conversion optimization features like heatmaps, funnels, goals, A/B testing, and session recordings can help you identify areas of your website pages that are focused on the most and how your visitors interact with your site. You can also test what changes impacted your conversion rates, whether new email signup, click through to the site, or purchase.

Matomo On-Premise vs Cloud Analytics

There are two versions of Matomo that you could use.

The first is the Matomo On-Premise version, a self-hosted option, meaning you need to download the open-source code and install it on your own server. You are then responsible for setting it up, maintaining it, and setting it up as you like. You or someone in your business will need technical knowledge on how to do this. It gives you flexibility and is a budget-friendly option. However, it does take time and know-how to set up.

However, not all features come as standard, with extras like activity log, a/b testing, heatmaps, and session recording, among others coming as paid add-ons which can quickly rack up the price depending on the features you need.

For those less technically inclined, there’s the Matomo Cloud analytics, where Matomo takes care of hosting and set up for you so you can track your visitors and analyze your data from the moment you sign up. You’ll get access to all the features and customer support from as little as $23/month (£17/month).

Created by: Matomo
Located in: New Zealand

Matomo Features

Matomo Pricing Overview

Matomo offers a 21-day free trial with no credit card required, for which you'll get access to the full suite of analytics tools in the cloud. You can download Matomo with the On-Premise version, which you host on your servers for free, with extra add-ons needing to be paid for. Or you can pay for the Cloud version and get access to all the features. The Cloud version price is determined by monthly traffic.

  • On-Premise: Free - with paid add-ons
  • Cloud: from $23/month (17/month)
Starting Price: from $23/month (£17/month)
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